Digital Personal Card

The easiest way to share and get in touch with others by sharing your contacts and social medias in a form of Digital Personal Card. Stay connected forever with Dicardy.
Stay connected for ever.

Dicardy the new solution to staying in touch with people
with just one click even after they change thier contact details.

Sharing your contacts never been easier

Want to share your contact with just one click with multiple people Dicardy gives you this feature through sharing your qr so what are you waiting for stop wasting your time in events to share you contact or wasting your money on cards which wont be enough to contain all your data.

More than Mobile application

You want to find a friend on any social media, phone or email ? Now it's easier than ever just open his profile and you will find all details that he have shared it with you.

Dicardy Main Features
Share Contacts

Now you can share your contacts with just one click

Be updated

any one of your friends change his number you will be updated.

Find a friend

Get your friends contact details and social accounts with just one scan.


The app is completely free.

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